The future of photography

The future of photography

Social media sites barrage users with innumerable examples of woeful photography, quality and composition have given way to immediacy and convenience; mobile phone photography dominates.

Any idiot with a camera phone can, and does, subject the world to exquisite examples of photographic ineptitude. However, it’s not – really – their fault. It’s damn hard to take a decent photo with a camera phone – and by decent I don’t mean a desaturated ‘retro’ photo complete with vignette and fake film frame.

Social-media-savvy types (cringe) are faced with two options:

1. Take an instantly uploadable, sub-par, photo with your camera phone.
2. Take a decent photo with your dedicated camera, wait till you get home and then upload it.

No one chooses option two.

(By ‘Social-media-savvy types’, I mean twitter users; flickr users, on the whole, upload excellent photos; facebook users are somewhere in between.)

A talented photographer could really stand out on twitter by uploading first-rate photos. I’ve never even seen shallow DOF shot uploaded via yfrog or twitpic, let alone a strobist or HDR shot.

So, how do you combine the immediacy of a camera phone with the quality of a DSLR? Easy – wirelessly transfer photos taken on said DSLR to said camera phone.

This technology is already available: eye-fi, a company making WiFi SD cards will soon introduce it into all of its SD cards. What’s more, it will be a firmware update so if you already use one of their cards you’ll get this functionality for free.

I don’t know why this hasn’t had more coverage in the photographic press – maybe it has, I haven’t bought any magazines for a couple of months – because, in my eyes at least, this is a big deal.

It will also be an incredible asset to photojournalists. Police are increasingly confiscating photography gear and forcing photographers to wipe their photos. With this card/phone combo photos can instantly be backed up online.

So if an overbearing Police officer confiscates your camera and wipes the memory card you can smugly explain to him that it’s already backed up, and there’s nothing he can do about it; stick it to the man, vive la Révolution, etc.

According to eye-fi their cards’ new features will be available later in the year, I’m yet to find details of exact dates, if anyone finds out could they please let me know.

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