Hello, person behind the screen.

If you want to know what this site is about, you’ve come to the wrong place. The right place would probably be the home page. But since you’re here now anyway…

Essentially this website is a place for me to write nonsense about all the films and TV shows I ‘waste my life’ watching. I’ll also write some lies about news events and prattle on about pop culture.


Q. Why do you have an FAQ?
A. I don’t really know. I don’t get asked questions all that frequently, so I’ll just make some up.

Q. What’s with everything being black and white?
A. Because everything on the internet looks the same and sometimes it’s fun to be different.

Q. You said this site is about film, TV, pop culture and lies, so why is there a photography link?
A. I am a little bit obsessed with cameras and photography, so I made another site to post my pretty pictures on (HarryHamburg.co.uk).

Q. Why did you choose the name unendorsed?
A. Well, I wanted ‘ill advised’ but that was taken. I chose unendorsed because most of the things I write on here aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. It’s all a bit of a joke… what’s written isn’t endorsed by anyone, and it’s most likely a lie anyway.

Q. What do you do for life?
A. I’m a copywriter. If you’ve ever seen Mad Men, it’s kind of like that but not cool in any way.

Q. Why has only one author (Harry Hamburg) written every single post?
A. Because I don’t have schizophrenia.